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Straight Lines & Turns – Take Your Flying Skills To The Next Level With These Tips

Straight lines are maintained using small (brief) aileron bumps to keep the wings level. Small course changes are made using a small bump of aileron (in-and-out) to bank the wings slightly.
When most people learn to drive a car, they work hard to keep the car going straight. This is mostly due to holding in the steering wheel corrections too long and trying to “steer” the car straight. Yet, after a while we’re able to keep the car straight with very little effort. The reason is that we develop an appreciation for the fact that most deviations can be corrected with a simple little nudge upon...


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Straight Lines & Turns – Take Your Flying Skills To The Next Level With These Tips

Article in February 2023 Issue

ON THE COVER: If you want to fly heavy-metal warbirds like Pert Asiatico’s Top RC P-51D, this month’s “Mission Warbird” is a must-read. (Photo by David Hart/

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